Get Listed for FREE on is offering FREE listings on the site’s search engines to help tourism & hospitality businesses and promote Laos during the Covid era. “Find a Tour”, “Sleep & Eat”, and “Made in Laos”  listings directly link We Are Lao visitors to YOUR website or Facebook page.

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These three popular listing pages rank in the site’s Top 7 out of more than 400 choices. Visitors also stay on these pages for 3-5 minutes, which means they are hunting for your accommodation, restaurant, tours, handicraft shop, cruise, and more.

Getting listed for FREE is easy. All you need to give us are:

  1. 100 words describing your business
  2. A logo or photo that is 300 high x 400 wide (we can try to fit different shape logos)
  3. Your website or Facebook address
  4. Your Email address
  5. Your phone number

It’s that simple.

Then, send this to, and you’re on your way.

We Are Lao looks forward to listing you.

And as always…Stay Safe.


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