Rockin’ Rosie Tour Stuck in Laos


By Bernie Rosenbloom

I sat sweating near Vientiane’s Hospital 103, waiting for the bus downtown, while watching traffic. Then, this vehicle appeared like no other. It looked like a hybrid between a military machine and camper, with a sticker on the side. “Rockin’ Rosie on Tour”.

Bernie Rosenbloom

It got held up in a brief traffic jam as I scrambled for a photo. Too late. Rockin’ Rosie had moved on. The only Rockin’ Rosie I know is an old friend, but her rockin’ was in a chair. I reckoned this Rosie was on some kind of expedition. I wanted to know more.

A quick search revealed I was correct. Rockin’Rosie is really Anja and Marco, who have been traveling the world for more than 10 years. And now they were stuck in Laos due to Covid-19 (what better place for a lockdown). I read about the Swiss couple’s “Covid Camps” and a string of trials and tribulations. They have loads tales about Laos of which many travelers and locals only dream.

Go to their website and read all about it. “Amusing” is an understatement. Click here


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