Brit n’ Boer Tips & Pics: Phongsaly Town


By Brit n’ Boer

Phongsaly is a beautiful mountainous area known for its agriculture and ethnic diversity. It is the northern-most province of Laos, sandwiched between China to north and west and Vietnam to the east.
There is a large Chinese influence in Phongsaly, and this can be seen very clearly in the old town where Chinese-style buildings can still be found. When we visited, it was the end of the Chinese New Year, so we managed to see decorations, family celebrations and the obligatory firecrackers, which gave quite a fright when you didn’t expect them!
Phongsaly is also another area popular for trekking. If you would like to see minority ethnic groups this is the recommended area. As we already went hiking in Luang Namtha, we decided to just explore the area by motorbike. We had our own motorbikes so we did not have to rent, but rental is possible. However they do ask quite a high price so be prepared.
Brit n’ Boer Tips ————
If you are happy to explore the area by motorbike like we did, then just rock up and rent when you arrive. If you would like to do some trekking, we recommend you book something in advance as it is quite a sleepy town and we did not see clear signs for availability to book any sort of activity and we were there in high season! Call or book ahead to be sure.
———— Costs ————
Basic hotel room – LAK 100,000
Food at local restaurant 2 pax – LAK 40,000
Motorbike rental 1 Day – LAK 160,000
Tea from the Market – LAK 20,000

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