Water Activities

Explore the waterways that wind around Laos. Take a long boat to an isolated village. Cruise into caves. Kayak over rapids. Jump off cliffs into water holes. Splash around Laos on a Water Adventure.

Water Activities

Let your “inner explorer” loose on a cruise into the heart of the Last Frontier. Hop into a long boat, and navigate your way through dense jungle and rocky canyons. Meet the people at villages only accessible by boat, and experience their life on the river. Enter caves on underground rivers that sometimes bore straight through mountains. You can meet the Mekong on a larger vessel, and see the sites in style. And for a great change of pace, climb aboard a boat to travel from town to town.

Looking to take the helm? Ease into a kayak and paddle down mountain rivers to hidden villages and waterfalls. Beginners can learn how to manoeuvre over easy rapids, while experienced kayakers can tackle high-level obstacles. Rafting and tubing in Vang Vieng remain big hits, while Nam Ngum Lake opens its waters to banana boats, jet skis, and wake boards.

Relax lakeside with a picnic and stroll on nature trails. Dive into one of Laos’ natural pools at the base of waterfalls or cliff-walled lagoons. Cycle around some of the 4,000 islands to chat with the locals, inspect ancient ruins and temples, and examine remnants of a French colonial railway. You can ease your aches in baths fed by hot springs, or enjoy a Lao meal on a dinner cruise.

Northern Laos Water Activities

Hit the waterways and swimming holes of Northern Laos. Cruise the Mekong and its main arteries to discover secrets on the shore. Kayak on mountain streams in Luang Prabang and Luang Namtha to isolated ethnic villages and immerse yourself in river life. Boat deep into remote Phongsaly and take a dip in raw nature. Swim and zip-line at Oudomxay’s Nam Kat Waterfall Park, and relax in waters fed by hot springs in Xieng Khouang and Houaphanh.

Central Laos Water Activities

Dive into Water World in Central Laos. Boat around Bolikhamxay from the Phou Khao Kwai Protected Area to the border with Vietnam. The Loop and Hinterlands in Khammouane send you on rivers into caves and mountain tunnels. Savannakhet has a lake loaded with turtles. And you can finally check off Vang Vieng’s tubing and rafting scene from your bucket list.

Southern Laos Water Activitiies

Journey through Southern Laos on a range of Water Adventures. Jump into the action on the Mekong’s 4,000 Islands with boats to villages. Watch in awe as locals balance on bamboo scaffolds built on rapids to fetch fish from traps. Putter out to catch a glimpse of the rare Irrawaddy River dolphins. Inspect the French colonial rail system used to hoist vessels from the Mekong, bypass rapids and waterfalls, and deliver them to calm upriver waters. Head to the Bolaven Plateau for kayaking on the Houay Bang Lieng River at Tad Fane Waterfalls. For a real ride, take a cruise through mountain jungles in Attapeu.

River & Lake Activities

Dive into a world of water in Laos. Board a boat and explore a jungle river. Kayak over rapids. Hop on a jet ski. Relax on a river cruise. Cycle around the 4,000 islands. There’s something for everyone on Laos’ rivers & lakes. Want to experience the life of explorers from yesteryear? Take their expeditions to the next level on the rivers and lakes of Laos. Waterways cut through mountains, squeeze through jungles, flow past remote villages, and rest at lakes, and they all lead to the Might Mekong. Along the way, the rivers and lakes present plenty of chances to experience nature and culture…and just plain fun.

Water Activities

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Water Activities

Let your “inner explorer” loose on a cruise into the heart of the Last Frontier. Hop into a long boat, and navigate your way through dense jungle and rocky canyons.…

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