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Add time to your experience in The Last Frontier. Fly directly to Laos from more than 15 Asian cities in 7 countries. And you’re just one transit stop away from Europe, North America, South Asia, and Australia.

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Fly Direct from North Asia

From China

Step into The Last Frontier after your southern China stay. Tourists in Kunming, Jinghong, and Chengdu can directly fly into Luang Prabang to inspect the UNESCO World Heritage city. You can head to Vientiane Capital from five southern Chinese destinations, perfect for businesspeople on the move.

Suggest during this period just after COVID and the slow outflow. from China, we suggest checking flights from China and their frequency.  

From Korea

Direct flights from Korea now reach into Laos. Seoul’s Incheon Airport presents a choice of daily flights to Vientiane offered by four airlines. Busan is also on board, with at least one flight a day to the capital of The Last Frontier.

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Fly Direct from Southeast Asia

From Thailand

You’ll discover loads of options for flying directly to Laos from Thailand. Several flights depart both of Bangkok’s airports every day for the short flight to four destinations in The Last Frontier. A choice of five airlines offers a range of times and prices to Vientiane. Those heading straight to Luang Prabang will find a similar slate of options, and limited flights are available to Pakse and Savannakhet. You can also fly from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang four days a week.

suggest you take a look at the Flight times on Thai Airways or Bangkok airways for Laos during this period of 2023.

From Vietnam

Laos is just one stop away from Vietnam’s two major cities. Hanoi opens the door to The Last Frontier with direct, hour-long flights. Two direct daily flights depart Hanoi’s Noi Bai International for Vientiane, with another two head for Luang Prabang. Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat Airport offers daily flights to Vientiane, with one stop, and a direct flight to Pakse three days a week. please check your flights as things do change these days, there is some vibes of a new route Danang to Lao PDR.

From Cambodia

Carry your Cambodian holiday over to The Last Frontier with direct flights from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You’ll find a daily flight between Phnom Penh and Vientiane, and twice a week, you can fly from Seam Reap to Pakse and on to the Lao capital. please check the flight schedules regularly things may change quickly.

From Singapore

You can now hop on a flight at Changi three days a week and fly directly to Laos in less than 2 hours. After landing in Vientiane, the flight continues to Luang Prabang, just 3.5 hours after taking off from Singapore.  follow the schedules check regularly on all flights from Singapore to Lao PDR.

From Malaysia

Kick off your holiday in Laos from Kuala Lumpur. Direct flights to Vientiane offer 10 flights per week to Vientiane Watty International Airport in all a 90-minute journey. explore Laos enjoy a hidden world of Hidden Gems and Outdoor adventure is calling you from North to South.

Just One Stop Away from Overseas

From Europe

Dive into your experience in Laos with one-stop flights from Paris, Frankfurt, London, and Moscow. A selection of airlines departs every day to Southeast Asia, and short transit stops place you in The Last Frontier in the light of day.

From North America

You’re just one stop away from Laos when departing from New York and Los Angeles, with flights as short as 20 hours. Other major hubs deliver you with quick two-stoppers, with a selection of airlines and departure times landing you in The Last Frontier every day.

From South Asia

Land in The Last Frontier on a choice of 7-10-hour, one-hop flights from five South Asian cities. A choice of airlines departs from three major Indian cities, Colombo, and Kathmandu every day to Vientiane and Luang Prabang via Bangkok. Some flights land in the morning, giving you a full day.

From Australia

Aussie travelers from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane can reach The Last Frontier in 14-16 hours. Daily one-stop flights on a choice of airlines land you in Vientiane or Luang Prabang and the start of your holiday.

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Fly Direct from North Asia From China Step into The Last Frontier after your southern China stay. Tourists in Kunming, Jinghong, and Chengdu can directly fly into Luang Prabang to inspect the UNESCO World Heritage city. You can head to…