Getting around Xieng Khouang


Tuk tuks and sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches) are available for sightseeing around Phonsavanh. You can book them at the bus station for the day to go on self-tours to close-by jar sites and attractions. Prices are negotiable. Local tour agents organize day tours to nearby jar sites and attractions. You can also hire bicycles or motorbikes at tour agents in Phonsavanh Town.

Local busses and sawng taews travel between districts, but not on a fixed schedule. You can book a sawng taew or tuk tuk for a day tour to other districts. It’s best to make arrangements the day before or very early in the morning. Fares are negotiable, so shop around for a good price.

Travel agents in Phonsavanh offer a range of transportation options. You can rent a bicycle for about LAK20,000 per day and a motor scooter for around LAK100,000 per day. Car rentals are also available. Minivans with drivers run between $50-80, depending on the destination, while 4WD trucks can run $100 or more. These prices may not include petrol. Rates may vary widely depending on the season and availability.


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