Getting to Bolikhamxay


Local, VIP, and express busses, as well as sawng taews depart from Vientiane Capital’s Southern Bus Terminal, for Pakxan, the provincial capital, every 30 minutes, starting in the early morning through late afternoon. The 150-km ride takes about two hours and cost LAK30,000 to 50,000, depending on the category.

There are three daily busses from Vientiane to Lak Xao, the transit hub to Vietnam. They depart between 05:00-07:00 every day. The 365-km trip costs LAK85,000 and takes about 4 hours. One bus leaves Vientiane daily at 09:00 for Viengthong District.

Busses depart Thakaek on the hour for the LAK50,000, 165-km drive on Route 13. Busses from Pakse and Savannakhet heading to Vientiane stop in Thakaek, where you can change busses, while some pause in Pakxan. Be sure to check before boarding. Xieng Khouang also offers bus service to Pakxan.

Vietnamese bus and tour operators offer service to the border and on to Lak Xao.

Note: Prices and schedulesg are subject to change without notice, so please check with the bus station or a travel agent when preparing your itinerary.


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