Travel Guide to Xieng Khouang

Six daily busses depart to Xieng Khouang from Vientiane Capital’s Northern Bus Terminal. The 10-hour, air-conditioned coach ride costs LAK110,000. You can also catch a ride in minivan at a Vientiane travel agent. Lao Airlines and Lao Skyway offer flights from Vientiane. Scheduled bus and van service is available from Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Pakxan … Read more

Xieng Khouang’s Top Attractions

  The Jars Experience Xieng Khouang’s seemingly random jar sites presenting a jumble of puzzling prehistoric jars. Of the 90-plus identified sites, jar aficionados can investigate several, from large clusters near Phonsavanh to those less visited in Ban Songhak. Start with Jar Site 1, just 8-km south of Phonsavanh at Ban Na-0, a Tai Phuan … Read more

Things to Do in Xieng Khouang

  Tour Phonsavanh Town, spend a day on the Southern Jar Route, or explore an ancient kingdom in Historic Khoun. You can experience culture and wartime history on the Northern Heritage Trail, and uncover Western Secrets. Around Phonsavanh Town Phonsavanh, Xieng Khouang’s provincial seat, is planted at the crossroads of routes leading to all its … Read more

Xieng Khouang Accommodation

Most of Xieng Khouang’s 100-plus hotels, guesthouses, and resorts are in and around Phonsavanh Town, the provincial capital and gateway to the jars. You’ll find a reasonable choice of quality, but unless you hire a bicycle or motorbike, your best bet is staying around the tourism section of the town’s northeast. However, the hills and … Read more

Xieng Khouang Caves

  Tham Piu (Coffin Cave): Experience a wide range of emotions – sadness, curiosity, introspection, resignation, and hope – at Tham Piu (Coffin Cave). The sad hillside hole and its rocky rubble floor reminds visitors of that catastrophic day, when an American bomb found its target. Though accounts of the fateful day differ, one fact … Read more

Getting around Xieng Khouang

Tuk tuks and sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches) are available for sightseeing around Phonsavanh. You can book them at the bus station for the day to go on self-tours to close-by jar sites and attractions. Prices are negotiable. Local tour agents organize day tours to nearby jar sites and attractions. You can also hire … Read more

Xieng Khouang Waterfalls

  Tad Lang Follow a 700-metre trail winding along the Nam Xan River. The waterway reaches a pile of boulders you crisscross and start the final misty march to Tad Lang Waterfall. The 800-metre cascade over a stretch of stone offers great picnic spots along its banks. The going gets rough during rainy season when … Read more

Xieng Khouang History

  Xieng Khouang and the UNESCO-listed Plain of Jars make up one of the most important sites for studying the late prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia and Laos. The ancient civilization that constructed the jars flourished, as did advances in agricultural production and metal manufacturing. The organization of long-distance overland trade between India and China … Read more

Xieng Khouang Ethnic Diversity

  The Tai Dam are noted for their silk weaving, a skill they brought from north-western Vietnam, when they migrated to northern Laos in the late 19th century. Tai Dam villages consist of a cluster of houses, mostly on stilts, and with thatched roofing draped over its walls. Under the houses, women weave on looms, … Read more

Getting to Xieng Khouang

  Three daily busses depart to Phonsavanh from Vientiane Capital’s Northern Bus Terminal from 07:00-10:30. Three late busses leave between 04:30- 20:00. The 400-km, air-conditioned coach ride takes about 10 hours and costs LAK110,000. You can also book a minivan service at a Vientiane travel agent. Lao Airlines offers 6 flights a week from Vientiane. … Read more