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You Are Lao Communications

Content is King for successful marketing communications. Intriguing, informative content ensures your message rises to the top. We Are Lao Membership benefits aim to give you a voice, but you are responsible for supplying the content. Many Members have the resources to create their own communications and fully realize the potential of their Membership benefits. Others may need to consider You Are Lao’s marketing communication products and services.

We Are Lao’s top five benefits require effective, professionally written content for your message to cut the sea of digital and print clutter:

  • Search engine listings (1)
  • Direct link picture advertisements (3)
  • News & Events blog posts (6)
  • Travel Tales blog posts (7)
  • Deals blog posts (8)

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You Are Lao also offers a broader range of marketing communication products and services alongside blog and copywriting:

  • Press releases
  • Communications strategies & management
  • Media and direct database exposure (consumer, trade, media)
  • Website building, content & management
  • Social media and direct communications management

You Are Lao applies more than 20 years of experience to identify your true objective and USP, select the best way to communicate and efficiently reach your target. We rely on two fundamental principles: “Content is King” and “KISS” …Keep It Short and Simple. Remember, your content reflects your business. It needs to be effective, cut through the clutter, and show the experience.

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Leading the You Are Lao Communications team is Bernie Rosenbloom, who has a long and established career in writing and marketing communications for the Lao and Mekong Region tourism industry. Here’s what the trade has to say about his work:

Bernie Rosenbloom is a top writer and tourism expert, especially in the area of Lao tourism. He has the enviable knack of a great tone of voice and creative writing that make his features and reports a joy to read. Bernie listens to the brief and delivers on it perfectly – such as when I was his editor on “The Guide to Responsible Tourism in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam book (2008)”. If you’re a commissioning editor who believes that content is king, turn to Bernie.

Ken Scott, Managing Director, ScottAsia Communications


Bernie’s one of that rare breed of writers plying their trade in Southeast Asia who has actually studied writing – and it shows to great effect in the structure, style and depth of his work. I am particularly appreciative of his ability to interpret difficult concepts and ideas and express them in ways that are immediately understandable and compelling. He’s also reliable and a great guy!

Simon Kind, Editor, Creative & Special Publications at Bangkok Post Publishing Plc


I first met Bernie in January 2011. I was new to this post and nervous. Thankfully, I was able to give him my thoughts and he joined the dots. Bernie took the weight off by listening and communicating what I needed. He may have his specialist areas, but he has the ability to drill down and convey just about any message. Thanks Bernie.

Maeve O’Brien, International Education and Training Expert, Destination Human Capital


Bernie is dedicated and reliable, and when in need of quick facts related to travel and tourism industry he provides details with no questions asked. I engaged his services during my employment as Executive Director of the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office and was fully amused and amazed.

Stephen Yong, Group Director of Operations, Tung Shing Hotel Group Inc. Vietnam


Bernie, is a detailed specialist who is a true professional in his field. We have been working on and off for the past 25 years, and all his work has been exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone needing his services.

John Morris Williams, Co-founder and Managing Director, We Are Lao


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