Business Opportunities with We Are Lao

Business Opportunities with We Are Lao

Are you looking for more than offered in a We Are Lao Membership package? Do you want a Membership programme tailored to your needs or a customized marketing communications strategy? Maybe you have an idea for using the We Are Lao portal to meet your marketing goals. What is it? With We Are Lao, everything is on the table.

We Are Lao is open to business relationships that will help achieve Members’ and your goals. Perhaps you want content on a page dedicated to your business with a link to your site. Maybe a paragraph of content leading to a link to your site? You can even have your own page on We Are Lao can host your website, manage its content, or respond to you emails. What do you need? What can we do for you?

How can you and We Are Lao work together? Let’s talk about it. Are you an expert in a field with information that is useful to tourists? We Are Lao is eager to obtain reliable, expert information in exchange for membership benefits. Do you have a barter in mind? Maybe tourism and hospitality businesses in your province want to pool their resources for a grand marketing plan. We Are Lao wants to help.

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