Xieng Khouang Accommodation


Most of Xieng Khouang’s 100-plus hotels, guesthouses, and resorts are in and around Phonsavanh Town, the provincial capital and gateway to the jars. You’ll find a reasonable choice of quality, but unless you hire a bicycle or motorbike, your best bet is staying around the tourism section of the town’s northeast. However, the hills and countryside hold villas, chalets, and bungalows with great views, though they are a 15-30-minute walk or more from Phonsavahn’s restaurants and sites, and tuk tuks can be difficult to find.  

Focus on facilities when shopping for accommodation. You’ll find good rooms in simple guesthouses to solid 3-star hotels in the $10-50+ range. But it’s the personal points that count, so be sure you get what you want. If you want a private balcony view, head out of town, but be sure to consider transportation. A little hunting downtown can turn up reasonably priced rooms with balconies or terraces offering street or garden views.        

In-room Wi-Fi is readily available, but can be slow. Cable and satellite TVs are everywhere, though Western channels are limited. You can find more spacious bathrooms with tubs, and many rooms have mini-refrigerators. Some lodges even have in-room fireplaces for the colder months. You can rent a bicycle or motorbike at some establishments, and others work as travel agents or represent one. On-site eateries vary, with some serving good Western food, while others leaning more local like noodle soup. As many are operated by a local family, their English is limited and knowledge of service quality varies.


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