Xaysomboun Caves


Chao Anouvong Caves: Explore the two caves that once sheltered Lane Xang Kingdom’s throne-bearer, Chao (King) Anouvong, from invading Siamese at Ban Phouhuaxang, about 4 km north of Anouvong Town. Trees shroud the mountain-base entrance, where the Nam Jang (Nam Ja) River flows into the cave pair. The first passage runs 30 metres and is a spacious 4 metres wide and 7 metres high.


King Anouvong hid in the second cave, which stretches 300 metres, and an easily passable 5 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. Chao Anouvong eluded the Siamese and set up a stronghold on the banks of the Nam Jang.

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