The Khmu People of Lao PDR

Lao PDR has a diverse ethnic population with over 100 different ethnic groups. The most diverse ethnic group in Lao PDR is the Khmu people.

The Khmu people are an indigenous ethnic group, and they are one of the largest ethnic groups in the country. They are mainly found in the northern and central parts of Laos, in areas such as Luang Prabang and Xieng Khouang provinces.

The Khmu people have their own unique culture, language, and customs. Their traditional livelihoods include agriculture, hunting, and gathering. They are also known for their skills in weaving, basket-making, and handicrafts.

The Khmu community is diverse in terms of their dialects, religious beliefs, and cultural practices. They have their own traditional festivals and celebrations, which are an important part of their culture.

Due to their diversity, the Khmu people have contributed significantly to the cultural richness of Lao PDR. However, like many ethnic groups in Lao PDR, they have also faced challenges such as poverty, discrimination, and lack of access to education and healthcare.


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