Laos Locks Down


The Lao government announced it is tightening the screws on the country’s Covid-19 regulations from 30 March-19 April in a bid to curtail the spread of the virus. There are now eight confirmed cases in Laos.

Curbside hand sanitizer

All people must self-isolate at home or in their hotel rooms, and can only leave to buy essential goods, visit hospitals, and work at businesses that remain open. These include banks, clinics and pharmacies, convenience stores and shops, and restaurants and cafes.

Cafes and restaurants can still serve guests.

Hotels may continue operating, but can only provide accommodation and food and beverage services. They must also adhere to government guidelines aimed at the safety of guests and staff.

Accommodation can stay open

Entertainment venues, massage and spa parlors, karaoke clubs, beer gardens, fitness centres, and night markets must lock their doors.

International and interprovincial borders are closed to all people except those transporting goods. All passenger transportation services are temporarily sitting idle.

Passenger transportation has ceased.

The Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs is handling foreign nationals wishing to return home, and the German, UK, and US embassies are arranging to airlift their citizens out of Laos.

People are prohibited to hoard or price gouge essential goods including those needed for virus prevention and those practicing self-isolation. Items on the list include face masks, hand sanitizer, medication, and food and water.

Social gatherings, are limited to 10 people. Lao New Year festivities, religious gatherings, weddings, and recreational activities are prohibited.

Government staff will work from home except boots-on-the-ground personnel including the military, police, firefighters, doctor and nurses, utility workers, and those authorized to battle a potential Covid-19 outbreak.


Source: The Laotian Times


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