Crisis Communications during Covid-19


Did your tourism-related business have a crisis communications strategy in place, when the Covid-19 pandemic kicked in? Probably not. So what, how, and how often are you communicating with travel agents, FITs, clients, guests and the public during this ongoing situation?

“Toolbox for Crisis Communications in Tourism: Checklists and Best Practices” published by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, can help you navigate this virus storm. (Download below)

The publication opens by stating, “Crisis communications…helps limit the negative impact of a crisis by addressing the information needs of all industry stakeholders in an efficient, timely and responsible manner.”

The toolbox presents a simple and easy-to-read overview of crisis communication, and the step-by-step actions your business can be taking to maintain confidence until it’s time to fully open the doors to Laos and your enterprise.

A good way to approach this toolbox is to pinpoint the measures that your business, big or small, can apply. Think of your consumers as your friends. They want to know how you are doing and what you are doing. Tell them via email, social media, text message, the press, or whatever medium best serves your purpose. And don’t just tell them, “We’re Closed”.

It’s never too late to jump on the crisis communications bandwagon. Download the toolbox and start to effectively communicate now.


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