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Get a direct-link listing on’s filtered search engines for $10.

Laos Tourism

What’s the deal?

You can get a direct-link listing on a WeAreLao filtered search engine for just USD 10 per year. 

Laos Tourism

What is a filtered search engine and how does it work?

A filtered search engine quickly delivers site visitors directly to your website or Facebook page/group. Site visitors pick a province and category, click “apply”, and the appropriate direct-link listings immediately appear. You can also select to appear on several provinces and categories, depending on your business.

What is a “direct-link” listing?

When a site visitor clicks on a listing, they go directly to you website or Facebook page. No OTAs. No commission. No rules. No pop-ups. Just directly to your page.

What does my listing include?

You get a linked photo, 100-word description, linked website, email address, and telephone number.

Why should I get a listing?

This is the fastest, most cost-effective non-SEO method to quickly connect visitors to your site.

How many search engines does We Are Lao offer?

The site’s main menu offers three buttons that lead directly to eight engines.

1. Made in Laos

   – Products

   – Crafts

Made in Laos

2. Sleep & Eat

   – Accommodation

   – Eat & Drink

Laos accommodation restaurants Bars

3. Find a Tour

   – Tours

   – Travel Agents

   – Cruises

   – Airlines  

Laos Tours

How popular are these engines?

Of the 400+ pages on, the engine pages rank in the Top 8. Plus, visitors spend more time on these search engine pages, averaging four to six minutes clicking on you listings (four minute/page is considered good-excellent).

What should I include in my description?  

Take a look at the listings that are posted: Location, what makes you special, what you offer, and operation time.

How do I get listed?

Contact John: He’ll send you a form. You supply the information and photo. We will invoice you, and upon receipt of the fee, you will be listed within 24-48 hours.  

Are there any other benefits?

Yes. As a listed member, you are a priority in our direct email campaigns. These reach more than 2,000 foreign travel agents from 50 countries, all of who have Lao itineraries. You’ll also reach Lao tour operators and agents on these campaigns that consistently top the industry average. Top stories are posted on affiliate, and emailed to their 66,000+ subscribers. WeAreLao gets great results.

Plus, we will share your Facebook posts on our social media channels, which reach thousands more travel-trade industry players and FITs. 

Get listed now.



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