Get Crafty with OPT: Traditional, Eco-friendly Kathong Class


Make your own kathong with an artisan guide and learn the symbolism and history of the Festival of Lights with Ock Pop Tok in Luang Prabang.

In commemoration of the upcoming Festival of Lights, Ock Pop Tok will offer kathong-making classes on Friday, 14 October, from 10:00 to 16:00 for LAK40,000 per person.

The kathong is an offering made with pandan and banana leaves, and banana stalks, and decorated with flowers and candles. During the Festival of Lights, kathongs are released into the Mekong River, signifying letting go, aspirations for new beginnings, and paying respect to the Naga, or water spirit.

Classes are held at Ock Pop Tok’s Living Crafts Centre, on the Mekong River. Free shuttles from OPT’s shops in town.
Don’t forget Shop Talk series by Ock Pop Tok, a conversational storytelling experience that connects visitors with the stories preserved in Lao textiles. Led by OPT staff and chief storytellers, Moonoy and Khaimoukda, the Shop Talk series begins with a look at the sinh, the traditional skirts worn by Lao women. Shop Talk is held every Friday at 16:00 at the Heritage Collection Shop in town, lasts about 30 minutes, and is free of charge. If you are not in town for Shop Talk, follow the Sinh City story on Ock Pop Tok’s Instagram.

Lao Sinh Promotion

Through November 2019, receive 10% off all sinhs at all Ock Pop Tok shop locations. You’ll also get 15% off when you make a purchase during Shop Talk by Ock Pop Tok, held every Friday at 16:00 at Heritage Collection Shop.

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