WeAreLao Keeps Linking


WeAreLao.com has expanded it “Helpful Links” page to include 13 provincial tourism websites and Facebook pages and relevant tourism sites to provide visitors with a fast path to updated and detailed information and contacts for the destination of their choice.

Laos tourism Links

WeAreLao.com is already packed with 400-plus pages of information, and sought an efficient and cost-effective way to take tourists and agents straight to the source.

“Helpful Links follows the direct-link model used in the listings on our filtered search engines – Sleep & Eat, Find a Tour, and Made in Laos – as well as adverts on various pages,” said WeAreLao Senior Partner Bernie Rosenbloom.

The listings provide brief descriptions of the businesses with a photo or logo, links to their website or Facebook page, and much-needed contact information.

Mr Rosenbloom sees WeAreLao.com’s role as an informative intermediary in the purchasing process before the final step.

“Originally, WeAreLao wanted to bypass OTAs and hotel booking engines so visitors could directly book their rooms and tours with local businesses,” he said.

“We have since expanded our search-engine listings and adverts to cover eight categories. Helpful Links uses the same avenue to connect visitors’ with provincial tourism departments and other useful sites.”

The Helpful Links menu item is located on the footer of each site page.