Xieng Khouang Waterfalls

Add a pair of waterfalls to your Plain of Jars visit.

Xieng Khouang Waterfalls


Tad Lang

Follow a 700-metre trail winding along the Nam Xan River. The waterway reaches a pile of boulders you crisscross and start the final misty march to Tad Lang Waterfall. The 800-metre cascade over a stretch of stone offers great picnic spots along its banks. The going gets rough during rainy season when the falls widen and pick up pace. The hike starts at Jar Site 2’s Ban Nakang Visitor Centre near Phongsaly.

Tad Kah

Experience Tad Kah rage through a thick, mountainside forest and over randomly placed rocky obstructions on its 100-metre downhill charge. Some visitors to Tad Kha sign up for the Hmong-led Ban Phakeo Trek, which features the falls on its itinerary. Those opting for the 2-day program start the second day with a 4-hour trek to Tad Kah on a jungle trail all the way to the top. You can also swim in one of Tad Kah’s pools.

To reach Tad Kah by road, take Route 7 from Kham Town to Nong Het. Turn right at Khang Phanieng Village. Follow the dirt road for 3 km, then take the trail for 30 minutes to reach the top of the falls.