Travel Guide to Oudomxay

Lao Skyway offers flights from Vientiane every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to Muang Xay, and Lao Airlines has daily flights departing Vientiane at 11:40. Travel agents in Luang Prabang and Luang Namtha can arrange van service to Muang Xay. Public busses depart daily for Muang Xay from nearby destinations including Luang Namtha, Boten at the … Read more

Oudomxay Caves

  Tham Chom Ong: Creep into the latest Lao adventure in one of Southeast Asia’s 10 longest caves. First explored in 2009, the Tham Chom Ong network rambles some 16 km through a 4-km mountain ridge. The cave features parallel, connecting passages: one dry and one with a river. For spelunkers, several side passages offer … Read more

Getting Around Oudomxay

A handful of public busses travel between Muang Xay Town and Muang Beng, Muang Houn, and Pak Beng, and they generally depart in the morning or early afternoon. Transportation from Districts to Maung Xay From Km Price Departs Duration Muang Beng 64 LAK14,000 10:00, 15:00 4-5 hours Muang Houn 92 LAK20,000 08:30, 10:00, noon 3 … Read more

Oudomxay’s Top Attractions

Adventurers are still exploring Oudomxay’s hidden crannies. They recently revealed Cham Ong, one of Asia’s 10 longest caves, and Nam Kat Waterfall, and amazing natural wonder buried in the forest. The province’s ethnic residents continue their traditional lives, and their ancient religious sites strike awe. Natural Sites Explore one of Southeast Asia’s 10 longest caves … Read more

Oudomxay History

According to some historians, the Khmu were the first people to settle in today’s Oudomxay Province around the year 700. In about 1260, ethnic Lai migrated from Sipsongpanna in southern China, and built Ban Luang Cheng (Big Village) in the area of today’s Muang Xay. This original Lao Lai village remains part of Muang Xay and is called Bang … Read more

Things to Do in Oudomxay

Muang Xay Kick off your experience in Muang Xay,the hub for Oudomxay’s tours, and a must-stop destination for travellers digging into Northern Lao. Explore Chom Ong Cave and hike to Nam Waterfall, the province’s spotlight activities and within easy reach of town. Most treks and cycling tours also start in Muang Xay. Muang Xay Town … Read more

Oudomxay Accommodation

  Oudomxay sits at the heart of northern Laos, and tourists are just discovering the attractions hidden inside. To welcome you, Oudomxay province offers some 100 resorts, hotels, and guesthouses, many of which are new and in Muang Xay Town. Several deliver a higher level of quality and facilities than found in other small provincial … Read more

Oudomxay’s Ethnic Diversity

  The Akha are a sizeable ethnic group in Oudomxay, having migrated from the Tibetan Plateau several hundred years ago. Akha villages are situated in remote mountainous areas. Akha women are easily recognizable by their traditional hat, covered with coins representing the wealth of the household. Oudomxay’s Hmong, the province’s second largest ethnicity, are locally … Read more

Getting to Oudomxay

  Lao Skyway offers flights from Vientiane every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 12:00 for the hour-long flight to Muang Xay. Lao Airlines has daily flights departing Vientiane at 11:40 for a 50-minute flight. Travel agents in Luang Prabang and Luang Namtha can arrange van service to Muang Xay, while public busses depart daily … Read more

Oudomxay’s Buddhist Temples & Shrines

  The town’s notable religious site, Phou That Stupa, sits on a hilltop in the centre of town. Nearby on Phouxay Hill, Cheng Temple is home to a “Tree of Life”. While on the road to Nam Kat Waterfall, examine three sacred Buddha footprints on Paradise Mountain. Phou That Stupa: Join Muang Xay’s most sacred … Read more