Travel Guide to Oudomxay

Uncover the Ins and Outs of travelling and staying in The Heart of Northern Laos.

Travel Guide to Oudomxay

Lao Skyway offers flights from Vientiane every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to Muang Xay, and Lao Airlines has daily flights departing Vientiane at 11:40. Travel agents in Luang Prabang and Luang Namtha can arrange van service to Muang Xay.

Public busses depart daily for Muang Xay from nearby destinations including Luang Namtha, Boten at the Chinese Border, Luang Prabang, Nong Kiew, Phongsaly, Vientiane, and Houay Xay. Mekong riverboats plying the route between Luang Prabang and Houei Xay, stop at Pakbeng in the province’s southeast.

A handful of public busses travel between Muang Xay and Beng, Houn, and Pakbeng, and generally depart in the morning or early afternoon. Many independent travellers hire cars, motorbikes, and bicycles in Muang Xay Town to check out the local sites or venture further afield. Tour operators also offer 1-day itineraries to popular attractions and activities

Oudomxay offers 18 hotels and more than 70 guesthouses. Most accommodation is in Muang Xay and Pak Beng, though rooms are available in the other district centres, including La, Namor, Nga, Beng, and Houn. Hotel prices generally range from $50-150, though rooms run as low as $20 and as high as $400. Guesthouses vary from $7-30, depending on facilities.

Oudomxay offers 77 restaurants. Most are located in Muang Xay and Pakbeng. They mostly serve traditional Lao, Asian, Western, and Chinese food. Try the local Lao specialty, gang nor kom or bitter bamboo-shoot soup. Other districts in the province have a choice of restaurants.