Bokeo’s Buddhist Temples & Shrines

  Vat Pha Thad Souvanaphakham: Examine a 1,000-year-old temple on a Houay Xay hilltop overlooking the Mekong. Originally built in 1022, the small “Vat Phakham” has been restored several times over the centuries. The temple’s grounds also present a row of eight golden Buddha images, each in a different position.   Location: To reach the … Read more

Bokeo’s Heritage Sites

  Fort Carnot: Climb a hill to the French Colonial fort overlooking the Mekong and potential foe, Siam. Located on a hill overlooking Houay Xay and Chiang Khong, Thailand, Fort Carnot stood as colonial France’s western-most Indochinese stronghold. Built in 1900, only a couple of French officers oversaw the garrison manned by some 30 Lao … Read more

Meet Ban Mom on The Mekong

  Ban Mom is 88 km downriver from Xieng Kok, directly across from Wan Pon, Myanmar. It’s the final port on the Mekong’s Lao-Myanmar Corridor before the river reaches “The Golden Triangle”,  about 30 km away. Ban Mom’s relatively large landing serves a few cargo vessels and launches local ferries to/from Wan Pon and longboats … Read more

Getting around Bokeo

Hotels, guesthouses, and travel agents in Houay Xay rent motorbikes and bicycles for local sightseeing or venturing to a nearby destination. Sawng taews and busses travel between Houay Xay Bus Station and other Bokeo district capitals. Check departure times, and prices reflect the level of comfort. Booking a tour through one of more than 10 … Read more

Bokeo Accommodation

  Spend a couple of nights in Houay Xay Town before or after your Luang Prabang cruise. Most Western-oriented guesthouses and hotels are clustered around the pier, with riverside accommodation costing a few dollars more. Hotel rooms bounce between $35-150, with pricing reflecting facilities and amenities. Standard guesthouse rooms in town generally cost $10-25 per … Read more

Things to Do in Bokeo

  Your Bokeo adventure starts in hillside Houay Xay Town, the provincial capital and Mekong riverboat transport hub linking Thailand to Luang Prabang. Begin a half-day town tour climbing a steep staircase to pristine Vat Jom Khao Manilat, constructed of teak in 1880. Move on to explore Fort Carnot, a French garrison established in 1900, … Read more

Bokeo Waterfalls

The Nam Nyon Waterfalls drop off Phou Pha Houng Mountain Trek at Pa Na Village, where you can swim and watch locals weave baskets.

Bokeo’s History

  Ancient chronicles state that Tai people settled in present day Chiang Saen District, Thailand, when the city “disintegrated into swamp” during the 11th century. They then “set up a new town to the southeast. This settlement was on high ground on an island that had formed, the site of the old Souvannakhomkham (civilization).” Based … Read more

Bokeo Ethnic Diversity

  The Akha live in Bokeo’s mountains, and follow a cultural code called Akha Zang, the “Akha Way”. This defines traditions and laws, as well as how Akha farm, hunt, treat illnesses, and relate to each other and outsiders. Women wear black cotton miniskirts, tight-fitting bodices, embroidered jackets, and intricate head-dresses. Villages feature tall swings … Read more