ADB Visits Oudomxay Projects


Asian Development Bank Country Director Yasushi Negishi visited Oudomxay in northern Laos to inspect the progress of development projects funded with ADB loans. These include the construction of an access road to Chom Ong Cave in Beng district.

Provincial Vice Governor Khamphieng told the visiting ADB Country Director, “Oudomxay is one of poor provinces in Laos. We still need assistance from your organization. We still need to develop infrastructure. Many people are still unemployed. We want to help them have a job, stop slash-and-burn cultivation practices, and promote tourism service.”

The construction of the access road to Chom Ong Cave not only benefits the tourism service, but also helps improve the living standards of local people in Chom Ong village as it ensures their communication and transportation, said the deputy governor.

Source: KPL Lao News Service


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