We Are Lao Downloads Reach 50

Fifty publications now line the shelves of WeAreLao.com/downloads, the site’s most popular page, Better yet, the library’s filtered search engine makes it fast and easy to find the right document.

Laos Downloads information library

We Are Lao kicked off their Downloads page on 17 May 2020, with 20 publications to provide the travel trade and tourists with a range of information they can save: from travel guides, brochures, and maps to statistics and strategies.

“When we discovered the Downloads page skyrocketed to Number 1, we knew it was time to pack the library,” said Senior Partner Bernie Rosenbloom. “After all, We Are Lao’s vision aims to develop the most informative and up-to-date Lao tourism website and mixed-media marketing platform.”

Mr Rosenbloom also noted the extensive new Helpful Links page, launched in October, instantly shot into the Top 20.

“The purpose of this page, and the site, is to take Lao tourism marketing from the fast-paced promotional stage to the next step of the decision-making process: more content and information. Further, surveys show travelers are now placing more emphasis on research,” he said.

Mr Rosenbloom emphasized that We Are Lao’s growing storage warehouse of downloads will ensure available downloads will continue to grow.

To visit We Are Lao’s Download page, click here.

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