Viengxay Caravan to Celebrate Lao History through Tourism


Vehicles from around the country are set to join a caravan heading to Houaphanh Province to celebrate the 50th anniversary Viengxay District, site of national liberation forces’ command centre, on 30 November.

The goal of the multi-vehicle convoy is to commemorate those who made great sacrifices for national liberation, and particularly the period of the five decades since its establishment.

The caravan also aims to promote tourism in the province, especially its historical sites and natural attractions.

Information, Culture and Tourism Department Deputy Director Phouvanh Phethmixay told the Vientiane Times that authorities have pinpointed Viengxay Cave City, Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area and Thi mountain as the most three most attractive areas for the visitors to explore.

Viengxay Cave City is located 28 km from central Sam Neua District and historically bound to the nation’s fight for liberation. Click here to learn more. 

The Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area, home to the Nam Nern Night Safari, represents one of the most bio-diverse areas in Laos and is internationally recognised as Laos’ last remaining refuge for tigers.

Mr Phouvanh said the authorities encouraged officials in charge of each sector to do their best to facilitate both local and foreign visitors during the event. He added that authorities will host ethnic festivals, ahead of the anniversary, from 28-29 November.

He said the province’s tourism infrastructure had been developed significantly in recent years, especially the road access as well as other facilities.

The department’s figures reveal that more than 40,000 tourists visit Houaphanh each year, injecting around LAK 35 billion into the local economy.

Last year the number of visitors jumped to 52,000 and generated about LAK 37 billion in revenue.

For 2018, the department had predicted more than 70,000 tourist arrivals to the province, generating around LAK 70 billion in income. Some 40,000 tourist arrivals were recorded in the first nine months of the year, according to department figures.

Source: Vientiane Times


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