The Mysterious Phou Asa Ruins


Long-standing team leader in Laos for Italian and Spanish groups, Marco Girelli recently reported an unexplained oddity he inspected at Phou Asa in Champassak Province.    

Phou Asa

“Phou Asa (Asa Mountain) is one of the most curious sites of Laos, along with the mysterious Plain of Jars.

“Phou Asa is made up of a set of towers which remind one of a fortified castle. The ruins consist of a surrounding rectangle of 108 stone towers, each topped by a large flat rock, and a central main temple or shrine area called Wat Phou Asa (Asa Mountain Temple).

Phou Asa

According to many archaeologists, the origins of the site remain an unsolved mystery. It is possible to reach Phou Asa by foot (about 45 minutes walking) or to hire elephants from the villagers (two persons per elephant).

The summit of Phou Asa opens to a stunning view over large areas of southern Laos. The forests of Xe Pian National Protected Area and Dong Hua Sao National Park appear to stretch out endlessly from the Kiet Ngong wetland.”

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