Sayabouly: The Land of Elephants

History: Little is known about Sayabouly’s past, and much is shrouded in myth. Here’s what historians know…Evidence points to 1,000-year-old relics in today’s Sayabouly Province as proof of early settlements established by migrants from Burma and China. A wave of Tai Lue arrived from China in the 15th century. Ethnic Diversity: Visit Khmu, Hmong, and … Read more

Phongsaly: Land of Green Tea

History: Phongsaly is wedged between China and Vietnam, and both countries have influenced the province, which was once part of the ethnic Tai Lue’s Sipsongpanna Kingdom. Little is known of the history of Phongsaly, but historians believe the Phou Noi left Muang Sing and Burma and arrived in Phongsaly at the end. Ethnic Diversity: Meet … Read more

Luang Namtha…Nature’s Playground

History: Discover the tug-of-war past of the Last Frontier’s far northwest. Archaeological evidence, including stone tools found in the Nam Chook River Valley in Vieng Phoukha, and cliff paintings near Nalae, suggest that Luang Namtha Province was inhabited as early as 6,000 years ago.  Ethnic Diversity: Get up close to Luang Namtha’s 20 ethnic groups. … Read more

Luang Prabang…Timeless

History: History comes alive in Luang Prabang. Archaeological evidence suggests that Luang Prabang has been inhabited since 8,000 BC. King Fa Ngum founded the first Lao kingdom, Lane Xang, in the 14th century, after he conquered and unified today’s Xieng Khouang Province, Khorat Plateau, and Luang Prabang. Ethnic Diversity: Take time to meet some of … Read more

Houaphanh: The Birthplace of Lao PDR

History: Here’s how Houaphanh went from the home of a kingdom to a Vietnamese province to the Birthplace of Lao PDR. Houaphanh was home of the Bon Man Kingdom (Muang Phuan) beginning in the 14th century.  Ethnic Diversity: Say “Hello” to Houaphanh’s ethnic groups, whose villages dot the province’s roads. The Hmong migrated from China to … Read more

Oudomxay: The Heart of Northern Laos

History: Follow Oudomxay’s past from the fortified “Big Village” to becoming a Lao province. According to some historians, the Khmu were the first people to settle in today’s Oudomxay Province around the year 700. In about 1260, ethnic Lai migrated from Sipsongpanna in southern China, and built Ban Luang Cheng. Ethnic Diversity: Immerse yourself in … Read more

Xieng Khouang: Beyond the Plain of Jars

History: Learn about the timeless Plain of Jars, an ancient kingdom, and intense bombing. Xieng Khouang and the Plain of Jars make up one of the most important sites for studying the late prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia and Laos. The ancient civilization that constructed the jars flourished, as did advances in agriculture. Ethnic Diversity: … Read more

Xaysomboun…The Roof of Laos

History: Little is known about Laos’ newest province. Xaysomboun Province, Laos’ 18th and newest province, was established on 13 December, 2013. Ethnic Diversity: Xaysomboun’s sparse population of 80,000 is home to a few ethnic minorities known for their craftsmanship, some of which are exported to the West. The Hmong have established hilltop villages in Xaysomboun, … Read more

Uncover Bokeo Province

History: Delve into Bokeo’s past, from an ancient kingdom to a historic trading post. Ancient chronicles state that Tai people settled in present day Chiang Saen District, Thailand, when the city “disintegrated into swamp” during the 11th century. They then “set up a new town to the southeast. This settlement was on high ground. Ethnic … Read more