Vientiane Province: Nature between Capitals

History: Remnants of an ancient Mon-Khmer settlement has been found near Ban Phon Hong. However, Vientiane Province’s history is mostly entwined the birth of the Lane Xang Kingdom in the 14th century. As the Luang Prabang-based kingdom began to spread, it stepped into Vang Vieng, settling “Muang Song” in 1353, as a staging post on … Read more

Vientiane Capital: The World’s Most Relaxing City

Vientiane Capital: The World’s Most Relaxing City Ease into your trip into Asia’s last frontier, or unwind from your action packed tour. Experience tranquillity in the world’s most relaxing city where the past and present meet. History: Ancient Vientiane once covered both banks of the Mekong River. Its first name was Ban Nong Khanthae Phiseuanam, … Read more

Nature’s Backdoor…Bolikhamxay

History: Founded by old Siam, Bolikhamxay is now 100% Laos. Bolikhamxay faced many invasions from the Siamese throughout its history. The foundation of the provincial capital Pakxan dates from the late 19th century during a time of Siamese control. Ethnic Diversity: Meet the people who live in nature, from the Mekong River to the mountains … Read more

Khammouane…The River Cave Capital

History: See remnants of the Sikhottabong Kingdom dating back more than 1,000 years, and view French colonial structures. Many historians believe Khammouane, meaning “happy gold”, was named after the gold deposits found in the area hundreds of years ago.  Ethnic Diversity: Meet Khammouane people. The large Phouthai population live in lowland river valleys. Bru reside … Read more

The Savannakhet Historic Trail

History: Immerse yourself in Savannakhet’s intriguing past…from dinosaurs and Bronze Age findings to the Champa Kingdom and French colonial rule. Fossilised remains prove dinosaurs once roamed what is now Savannakhet, and archaeological findings suggest humans lived in the area. Ethnic Diversity: Get up close to the people of Savannakhet. The Phouthai live in lowland river … Read more