Xaysomboun’s Heritage Sites

Tap into a piece of Lao heritage few have seen.

Xaysomboun’s Heritage Sites

Visit the vacation home of King Sisavang Watthana. Explore the 2 x 2-metre Khoum Molakot Battle Bunker built from bombshells in 1969, by General Vang Pao’s troops. Inspect the cave complex that hid King Anouvong from the invading Siamese army. And be sure to stop at Vang Pao’s 21-room house near the old Long Cheng Airfield.

Northwest: Long Cheng

Khoum Molakot: Explore the 2 x 2-metre Khoum Molakot Battle Bunker built in 1969, from bombshells by General Vang Pao’s troops. The bunker is located at Phou Mork Mountain near Long Cheng Village.

King Sisavang Watthana Palace: Check out the Palace of King Sisavang Watthana in Long Cheng. Constructed in 1967, as the vacation home for the royal family during the dry season. Upon achieving independence in 1975, the new government renovated the building into a museum.

Vang Pao’s House: Don’t miss General Vang Pao’s House, built in 1966 during the Indochina War. The 21-room residence is open to the public during working hours, and serves as a memorial to the country’s history. The old Long Cheng Airfield, used during the war, still stands at the edge of Long Cheng Village.

Central Xaysomboun: Anouvang

Chao Anouvong Caves: Explore Chao Anouvong Caves about 4 km from town in Phouhuaxang Village, and see where King Anouvong allegedly hid from the invading Siamese army. Surrounded by mountains, the two cavities are large enough to stand upright as you walk along the Nam Jang River (Nam Ja), which flows through both. The first cave runs 30 metres, and the second, where the king laid low, stretches 300 metres. He eventually re-emerged to set up a stronghold on the Nam Jang Riverbank.

Location: The caves are located about 4 km from Anouvang Town in Phouhuaxang Village.