Xaysomboun Waterfalls

Be among the first to visit recently opened Xaysomboun, and find hidden waterfalls few foreigners have seen.

Xaysomboun Waterfalls


Tad Houay Nok

Watch Tad Houay Nok plunge a colossal 200 metres down Kongkhao Mountain. The falls are a favourite holiday destination among locals, especially those from nearby Nam Mo and Thong Hak Villages. While visiting Tad Houay Nok, check out farms growing sugarcane and bananas. Entrance to the falls is about 30 km west of Anouvang Town.

Tad Poung

Place yourself in pristine nature at the edge of Tad Poung, a rushing blast of water guided by precariously balanced boulders. The rocky stream tumbles over 8 and 10-metre tiers (Tad Poung 1 & 2). Massive rocks funnel the torrent through narrow channels on its race down the lush mountainside. Access to the falls is from Ban Nam Khui, about 8 km from Long San Village.

Dan Pha Saeb Waterfall

Dan Pha Saeb tumbles off a 30-metre-wide cliff, with two rocky platforms, each some 10 metres high, which blocks their free fall. The top falls run underground for a while, while the second can be found where giant beehives hang. Dan Pha Saeb is about 10 km from Ban Nam Khui,

Tad Pha Chae Lae

Tad Pha Chae Lae commands the view of a steep, tree-packed mountainside as you follow the trail into the wilderness. The falls interrupt the green backdrop as it explodes from behind the thick floral curtain. The falls plunge 100 metres, then disappear back into the trees. To reach Tad Pha Chae Lae, drive 6 km north of Hom to Ban Nam Khien Village and the trail to the falls.  

Tad Gnong

Stand at a viewing area and watch Tad Gnong tumble 30 metres over sharp drops under a tunnel of trees in the Ban Pak Gnong Protected Area. Access the falls after a 2-km drive from Tha Thom on the Route 1D in the province’s west

Unexplored Xaysomboun Waterfalls

  • Tad Phouyathao
  • Tad Longsan Waterfalls