Vientiane Province Waterfalls

Head up to Vang Vieng and take a spin on the Kaeng Nyui Waterfall Loop, or check out a pair of waterfalls in Khoun Lang Cave Nature Park near Kasi Town.

Vientiane Province Waterfalls


Kaeng Nyui Loop

Take a spin on the Kaeng Nyui Waterfall Loop. After a short 4-km drive past the Vang Vieng airstrip to Ban Naduang, follow a 400-metre trail along the Houay Nyui and Nam Lao streams. You’ll cross bridges, and pass several cascades and rapids. The path ends at Kenlon falls dropping about 5 metres into a 9-metre-wide swimming hole surrounded by a flat beach.

Walk a further 400 metres along the stream to Kaeng Nyui’s 34-metre plunge through limestone chutes into a fine mist. The falls are extremely powerful during the Green Season rains, and most of the Kaeng Nyui area remains inaccessible throughout the year. Ban Naduang villagers maintain the trails and picnic areas on the Kaeng Nyui Loop, and they manage food stalls and the car park at the entrance.

Tad Sang

Dive into nature just 65 km outside Vientiane Capital at Tad Sang Waterfalls in PKK’s western region. Take Route 10 towards Nam Ngum Lake, turn right onto a dirt road at Ban Napheng, and drive 5 km to the PKK entrance. From here, a steep and rocky road stops at the falls on the 9-km climb to a plateau and two Hmong villages.

Tad Houay Saphai

Venture to falls barrelling down a rocky shaft on the way between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. First, head to Khoun Lang Cave Nature Park near Kasi Town. From here, the trail follows Houay San stream and its branches through the Saphai Gorge. The trek climbs over jungle-coated mountains to Tad Houay Saphai 1 & 2, which few tourists stop to see. What they’re missing is a powerful torrent bouncing over rock steps on a 12-metre drop. Entrance to the falls is via a road south of Kasi Town that travels 17 km to Ban Houay San.