Travel Guide to Luang Namtha

Remote Luang Namtha is easy to access and navigating the province is all about fun.

Travel Guide to Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha is the Adventure Capital of Laos. Dozens of trails take all levels of trekkers through pristine forests to ethnic villages and mountaintop vistas. Mountain bikes, kayaks and boat rides reach into the Nam Ha National Protected Area. Visitors can stay in a hotel or a jungle camp, and eat in a restaurant or collect food in the forest and cook it in bamboo tubes. Luang Namtha has something for everyone, and all corners of the province are relatively easy to reach.

Lao Airlines offers daily flights from Vientiane to Luang Namtha, and Lao Skyways offers daily flights. Busses arrive from Vientiane Capital, Luang Prabang, Oudomxay, Houay Xay, and Yunnan, China. You can even take a boat from the Mekong, and up the Nam Tha River to reach Luang Namtha Town.

Getting around the province is easier than many think. Tuk tuks are available in Luang Namtha and Sing Towns to explore the various attractions. You can also rent bicycles and motorbikes for sightseeing around these towns and to reach other districts. Several tour operators offer a choice of cycling itineraries throughout the province. Busses travel between Luang Namtha Town and the province’s districts.

When it comes to a bed for the night, the province offers an incredible range from upper-end hotels to guesthouses and eco-lodges to village homestays and jungle retreats. Prices range from $7-80 per night, and every district offers a place to stay, though most rooms are in Luang Namtha and Sing Towns.

Luang Namtha offers more than 100 restaurants and other dining options throughout the province. You can find Lao, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Western food in Luang Namtha and Sing Towns, or “jungle food” on the trails. Muang Sing is known for its khao soi (soft rice noodle soup), which literally means “rice cut”, as the rice noodles are made by slicing a rice pancake into strips. Luang Namtha Town’s Night Market presents a great place to sample all types of Lao food.