Travel Guide to Attapeu

Pakse in neighbouring Champasak Province presents the main gateway to Attapeu.

Travel Guide to Attapeu

Busses depart to Pakse from Vientiane Capital and central and southern Lao provinces along Highway 13, but you may have to change busses along the way.

Attapeu has a new airport, but lacks flights. International and domestic flights arrive daily at Pakse airport from national and some regional hubs. From Pakse, you can take a bus or rent a motorcycle for the journey to Attapeu.

Bicycle and motorbike rentals are available in Attapeu Town, though some visitors hire a vehicle or motocross bike in Pakse. Tour operators in Attapeu have 4WD vehicles for their adventures.

Accommodation in Attapeu Town consists of several hotels and guesthouses. Homestays are available on treks.

There are plenty of noodle shops in Attapeu, and its three restaurants specialize in Vietnamese food, goat, and Korean barbecues.