Things to Do in Attapeu

If you’re nuts about nature, Attapeu can take you deep into distant wilderness.

Things to Do in Attapeu

Visit isolated waterfalls, and feel their rumble applaud the tranquil setting. Trekkers will find rarely travelled trails. True explorers can board local boats and voyage through the jungle. And, though Buddhism played a minor role in distant spirit-worshipping Attapeu, you can find a few ancient temples dating to the 16th century.

Trekking in Attapeu gives you a real close up look into Laos. Embark on a self-guided or guided journey to waterfalls, National Protected Areas (NPAs), and ethnic villages. Hard core explorers find trekking in Dong Amphan the ultimate experience. The 2-5-day expeditions cut deep into Attapeu’s untamed wilderness on trails, cart paths and rivers. Inside the backwoods, you’ll walk the Ho Chi Minh Trail, stop at secluded ethnic villages, and reach an extinct volcano.

The Ban Mai Trek presents an adventure through Xe Pian NPA on foot and riverboat to Tad Saepha and Tad Samongphak Waterfalls, and an ethnic Oy homestay. The soft Tad Phok Waterfall Trek stops at Oy villages before reaching the Bolaven Plateau cascade.

A simple 1-day trek or 5-hour boat ride up the Xe Xou River reaches Tad Phapong Waterfall. Boat excursions also ply the Xe Kong and Xe Pian rivers with the voyage beginning in the mountains near Vietnam and running along the Cambodian border. The Xe Pian Jungle Cruise is among the most popular.

Untouched Nong Fa Volcanic Lake is Attapeu’s icing on its natural cake, with the clear and calm blue waters surrounded in silence and jagged mountain peaks.