Phongsaly’s Buddhist Temples & Shrines

Find a few ancient Buddhist temples hidden in remote Phongsaly.

Phongsaly’s Buddhist Temples & Shrines


Vat Ou-Tai: Visit the 500-year-old Vat Ou-Tai in Ban Or Village, originally constructed by Praya Chakkawattiraja. The Tai Lue temple’s Hor Thane Keo, which stores Buddha images, is made of mud and still displays its original décor. Vat Ou-Tai’s foundation uses stone-based wooden columns with carvings and decorations of daggers, swords, flowers and flags. A brick shrine stands outside the temple that the local ethnic Tai Lue call “Ou Bo Sot”, which means the place where monks gather for religious rituals. 

Vat Luang Ou-Neu: This highly revered temple was built in Ban Ou Neua village at the same time as Vat Ou-Tai. Vat Luang Ou-Neu is notable for its Tai Lue architecture employing a double overlapping roof. Inside the temple, which is decorated using traditional fine art techniques, you’ll find a large Buddha image and smaller relics.

That Phou Xay Stupa: Climb 400 steps up Phou Fa Mountain just outside of Phongsaly Town to hilltop That Phou Xay Stupa decorated in traditional Tai Lue art forms.            

Location: To visit these Buddhist sites, contact a tour operator or ask your guesthouse.