Luang Namtha Waterfalls

Inspect the waterfall gems in Luang Namtha and its Nam Ha National Protected Area. You can explore cascades near town or visit tall mountain drop-offs during an adventure trek.

Luang Namtha Waterfalls


Nam Bo Twin Falls

Take half-hour hike to the top of Long District’s Nam Bo Waterfalls, where a giant jutting rock slices the mountain river in two, as it dives 20 metres over a cliff. The narrow, twin cascades then crash over a rock-filled gorge to a calm forest swimming pool. To visit the falls, follow a trail from Ban Nam Bo, which can be reached from Long Town by van or on a 2-day trek with a homestay. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the bottom or top of Nam Bo Falls, and spot birds while walking in its trails.     

Nam Dee Falls

Hike to the peak of the rocky Nam Dee flume as it gushes over a wide ledge into a pair of pools at the foot of a picnic pavilion. The trail to the falls starts at Ban Nam Dee, a Lanten village just 6 km outside Luang Namtha Town. The five-minute walk zigzags across a brook on stone steps and bridges to a path that runs along a ridge. The path then splits, sending rainy-season sightseers to the upper passage as the stream swells over the low route. The two join at an observation stand and stone walkway looking over a dam to the picnic pavilion and natural swimming pools. Ban Dee hosts a restaurant, handicraft shop, and village visits with homestays.

Nam Keo Falls

Head deep into Muang Sing’s forest to the narrow but steep Nam Keo Waterfall. The tree-lined mountain spout bounces off a few wide stone steps. The final ledge dumps the falls into a small, rock-walled pool. Nam Keo is a stop on a day-trek that takes in That Xieng Teung Stupa just 2 km away, and includes a traditional Akha picnic.

Tad Pha Yeung

Tad Pha Yeung presents the perfect stop for travellers and cyclers on the road between Luang Namtha and Muang Sing. A 20-minute walk along a river on an easy trail leads to the falls and a pool for a cool swim. The grounds also offer a place to picnic. Tad Pha Yeung is located about 40 km from Luang Namtha Town and 17 km from Sing Town.

Phou Phan Ha

A short drive along the dirt trail from Vieng Phoukha to Long passes tiny Ban Tok Lat Village, which hides a steep narrow path up a mountain forest to Phou Phan Ha Waterfalls. Nearby, you’ll find Ban Nam Mai with a homestay, and a trek to Prasat Caves.