Houaphanh Waterfalls

You’ll find a handful of easy-to-access waterfalls around Xam Neua and the Viengxay Caves.

Houaphanh Waterfalls


Nam Neua Waterfall

Admire Nam Neua Waterfall, as it squeezes through thick forest down an 80-metre trough and over two tiers to its rocky bottom. The falls are located close to Viengxay Caves.

Houei Yad Waterfall

A short walk from the serene Nam Muang Hot Springs, Houei Yad Waterfall crashes over sloping rocks as it tumbles to a pond that empties into a small river. From here, take a short walk up a mountain ridge to Houei Yad Village, known for recycling crashed aircraft. The falls and hot springs are just south of Xam Neua off Route 6.

Phonxay-Saleuy Falls

Follow a trail alongside tree-lined Phonxay-Saleuy Falls, as it drops 100 metres down the mountain. The narrow, winding torrent cascades in white foam over rock slabs to a final leap into a relaxing pool and on to a calm stream. Access to Phonxay-Saleuy Falls is further south of Xam Neua off Route 6 at Saleuy Village, which sells locally made textiles.