Getting around Vientiane Capital

Pick your pleasure, when searching for transport around the capital. From taxis and tuk tuks to bicycles and busses, Vientiane is ready to get you around.

Getting around Vientiane Capital

Most visitors to the capital stay in the downtown area, where they can take in the main attractions. Many rent a bicycle or motorbike, which makes it quicker to reach Patuxay, That Luang, and the suburbs, which are well worth exploring. Tuk tuks are plentiful, and make it easy to get around the city centre, though you must negotiate for a reasonable price. Taxis can also be arranged.

As Vientiane expands outward, the capital’s public bus service offers a viable and inexpensive alternative to reach attractions further afield, though they stop operating in the late afternoon. There are more than 10 routes, originating at the Central Bus Station behind Talat Sao, and you can hop off along the way, pick them up at bus stops, or flag them down in between. Better yet, you can track there location on an app at

Below are the most popular routes, and the attractions and significant stops along the way.

– Route 29, Dong Dok Line, LAK10,000: Patuxay, That Luang, Police Museum, Army Museum, National Convention Centre, Kaysone Phomvihane Museum, SOS Children’s Village, Southern Bus Terminal, Dong Dok University.

– Route 32 & 103, Donepamai Line, LAK10,000: Naked Espresso, Parisien CafĂ©, Sengdara Fitness, Joma CafĂ© (Phontan), Indian Embassy, Myanmar Embassy, German Embassy, Expat Neighbourhood.

– Route 14, Friendship Bridge Line, LAK20,000: Singapore Embassy, Australian Embassy, Clock Tower, Buddha Park, US Embassy, National Culture Garden, Impeng Water Park, Lao Country Club Golf Course, Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge.

– Route 08, Airport, Northern Bus Terminal, LAK15,000

– Route 30, Phou Phanang National Biodiversity, LAK25,000