Bolikhamxay Accommodation

Looking for a relaxing retreat near Vientiane? Stopping in Bolikhamxay before continuing south or east to Vietnam? You’ll find a choice of hotels and guesthouses centred at key locations around the province.

Bolikhamxay Accommodation

Spend the night in a natural setting or with a riverside balcony. Find a guesthouse room in town or a highway hotel. Stay at Thaphabath near Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area and sacred Buddhist sites, or base your Bolikhamxay expedition at Pakxan, the provincial capital. You’ll also find accommodation at Lak Xao near the Vietnamese border.

The greatest selection is in Pakxan. The rooms tend to be clean and basic with standard amenities, the prices are wallet friendly, and the settings often add value. Hotels mostly cater to Lao and Vietnamese guests and tend to be in the 2-3-star range for prices starting at $15-40. Guesthouses also come in various levels, with rates for new, clean rooms beginning at less than $10, with boutique accommodation approaching $20-plus.

Most hotels are along Route 13 or in Lak Xao, and generally serve Asian business and government guests. Rooms are often plain, though some have atmosphere and scenic balcony views. Expect normal facilities, though amenities vary and Wi-Fi is not always available. Most hotels have restaurants with menus dominated by regional dishes, bars, and entertainment/karaoke venues. A handful of staff speak English.

Some guesthouses frequently welcome Western guests, while others mostly serve Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese visitors. Regardless of choice or price level, rooms are generally quite clean, and have hot water showers, Western toilets, air conditioning, and satellite TV. Some rooms have balconies. If you need Wi-Fi, be sure to check first, as many guesthouses are not wired. Some establishments offer a small range of beverages and snacks.