Attapeu’s Top Attractions

Explorers seeking a truly “off the beaten track” experience hit pay dirt in the mountains of Attapeu.

Attapeu’s Top Attractions



Visit one of Attapeu’s few Buddhist Temples. Vat Pha Saysettha and Stupa is the most renowned and is easy to reach from Attapeu Town. The religious site was built in 1577 in honour of Lane Xang King Sayasetthathirath, who died nearby.

Ancient Vat Sakhae houses the sacred Buddha image of Ongsene. Even older stands Kavanghine Place, a rock structure in Phouvong believed to have been constructed during the legendary Muang Chueng era. 

Waterfalls & Boats

Head into the forest to behold one of Attapeu’s hidden waterfalls. Tad Phaphong features colourful rocks on the Xe Xou River, and you can reach it on a 6-km easy hike or boat.

The 120-metre-wide Tad Saepha drops 23 metres in the Xe Pian National Protected Area. A short boat ride delivers you to Tad Samongphak, also on the Xe Pian River, near the Ban Mai homestay. Explorers on the Ho Chi Minh Trail can stop at Tad Nampa and its nearby war memorial. 

Nong Lom Lake near Attapeu Town offers a quiet place for a picnic, while the adventurous can reach far-flung Nong Fa Volcanic Lake and its clear waters surrounded by jagged mountain peaks.