Attapeu Waterfalls

Access Attapeu’s amazing waterfalls on a trek or boat ride in the Xe Pian National Protected Area (NPA).

Attapeu Waterfalls


Tad Saepha: Head into the jungle by foot or boat to the solitude of Tad Saepha Waterfall, where the Xe Pian River widens to 120 metres, before dropping off a 23-metre jagged-rock ledge. The experience starts about 60 km from Attapeu Town at Ban Mai (ethnic Oy) in the Xe Pian NPA. From here, a guide leads you along a path or in a boat (Green Season) to this natural treasure. Ban Mai also offers a homestay and tour to Tad Samongphak Waterfall. 

Tad Samongphak: Ban Mai also kicks off a 45-minute boat ride or 1-hour hike to Houay Samong and up the Xe Pian River. The journey ends at Tad Samongphak, where the 30-metre-wide Xe Pian explodes off a 10-metre shelf in a thundering clash.  

Tad Phapong: Embark on a deep jungle cruise or day-trek to a gorge of colourful rocks hidden in green, where the Xe Xou River spills over the edge at Tad Phapong Waterfall. An easy 6-km path from Route 8B leads to the falls, while the 5-hour roundtrip boat ride sets of at Saysettha District.

Tad Phok: Find Tad Phok Waterfall dropping off the Bolaven Plateau in the forested hills on a soft trek from Ban Lanyao, an Oy community.

Tad Nampa: Explorers on the Ho Chi Minh Trail can easily hike to Tad Nampa near the Loa-Viet War Memorial.