Salavan Opens Secret Waterfall and Caves


Southern Salavan Province has opened Phouphasouk Park with its dozen caves and 25-metre-high Nanglod Waterfall just 9 km from the provincial capital.

Amazing rock formations

The caves cut into forested limestone outcrops among fast flowing streams that feed Nanglod Waterfall.  

The province is first focussing promotion efforts on Phouphasouk and Praleusy Caves and Nanglod Falls.

“I invite and welcome all guests to Salavan province and to Phouphasouk Park because there are so many activities to enjoy. If I try to explain it, you won’t understand how fantastic it is. It’s something you have to experience for yourself,” said Somchai Aounchit, head of the province’s Tourism Marketing Department.

Along with the lighted caves, the park currently offers huts with 360-degree views of the mountains, forest treks, boating, swimming, and restaurants. Visitors receive a map for exploring the park and learning about its attractions.

Mr Aounchit added that local authorities plan to introduce more activities such as more forest treks, camping, zip-lining, elephant or horse rides, and bicycling.

The park’s main attraction is Phouphasouk Cave that was fist explored by experts from France and Laos. Following an assessment, it was prepared for visits by the general public and made accessible in 2019.

Phouphasouk is the longest cave in the area at 4,630 metres. The French experts consider it to be the most attractive cave in Laos after Konglor cave in Khammouane Province, Mr Somchai said.

Nanglod Waterfall drops about 25 metres high as it cascades over 250 metres. A stream in Lom cave feeds the falls.

Phouphasouk Park is located at Pakpong village in Salavan District just 9 km from the provincial capital. Visitors can get there in four-wheel drive vehicles, minibuses, cars or motorcycles.

Adapted from Phouthong Sivongsa, Vientiane Times


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