Salavan Caves


Stone Casket Cave: Inspect the huge stone caskets (Long Sop Saen Kham), from an early civilization, in a cave on Phou Saen Kham Mountain. To get there from Tad Lo, go to Ban Senvang Noi, then follow the trail on the right of the road and walk for 5 km to the caskets. You can also visit the casket cave on the short trek to Tad Soung Waterfall.

9-Holes Cave: The Phou Tak Khao Mountain Viewpoint offers more than a valley panorama. Follow a short trail from the viewpoint and climb a steep set of precarious wooden stairs to the nine-entry maze. But amateur spelunkers beware. The nine openings lead into a bizarre labyrinth of distinct routes breaking off into more branches, making it easy to get lost.

Elders say the caves sheltered Buddha images, when the French destroyed the viewpoint’s temple more than 60 years ago. To reach the cave, take Route 20 and turn near the Laongarm Market onto the westbound dirt road, which terminates at Ban Thongkharm and the trail up the mountain. Those on the 2-day Phou Tak Khao Trek will also visit Tiger Cave.

Tham Phoupakeo: View the Phrakeophalitmok Buddha at Phoupakeo Cave near Nongsonghong Temple at the base of Phou Tak Khao Mountain near Ban Nampho in Vapi District.

Soon to Open at Phouphasouk Mountain

– Tham Kaleng

– Tham Din 1 & 2

– Tham Nanglod


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