River Cruises

iMekong Cruises

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iMekong Cruises – "it’s you and the river" is a floating bubble of pleasure. Offering you unrushed, uncrowded river journeys in one of the coolest boats around. Designed to entertain, tailored for intimate private cruises with a sense of wonder, this stretch river limo will show you a new way to see and feel All Things Mekong. With a maximum of 6 persons if you would like something bespoke for a particular cruise then this can be catered for. Cruises include both lunch and sunset dining options. All our cruises are private.

Bounmi Cruises

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Cruise along the Mekong River in a custom traditional Lao slow boat and uncover the charms of Luang Prabang like a local. Bounmi Cruises take you on a journey of discovery along the Mekong, exploring local villages, stunning natural attractions, historical and cultural gems, and having a chance to get up close and personal with this mighty river. Bounmi is a small team of Mekong River specialists who have built a reputation for delivering exceptional river experiences. The independent cruise company is located in the UNESCO heritage town of Luang Prabang, and specializes in private Mekong river cruises and authentic local experiences.

Nagi of the Mekong

The majestic Mekong River has been the lifeblood of the region since time immemorial, from its humble origins deep in the Tibetan plateau, down to the delta rice lands of Vietnam. Now you can taste its alluring aura in a cruise along the stretch from Houy Xay to Luang Prabang. Aboard the regal Nagi of Mekong, you can experience the history and drama of this eminent watercourse and thrill to the spectacular scenery of river forests and looming emerald green mountains.

Nava Mekong

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Dining on the mighty Mekong is to Luang Prabang as walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is to New York. Essential. To ensure you don't “miss the boat,” we’ve launched the Nava Mekong as the foremost Pak Ou Caves and Laos Sunset Cruises in the royal capital. As a dependable dining cruise operator with a strong ethic for corporate social responsibility, and operating in a high traffic tourist destination, we know it is imperative to take a leading role in responding to the needs of the local community and international travellers.

Tanva Mekong Cruise

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Enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise with Tanva Mekong Cruise. The Mekong glows as the sun goes down…the perfect time for a 2-hour slow, comfortable cruise, while taking in the sights and sounds along the “Mother River”. During the floating cocktail hours, passengers snack on appetizers and sip “Sabaidee” mojitos, cold beers, or soft drinks. The cruise starts next to the Nava Restaurant Pier for the 2.5-km scenic downriver ride, before coming about for the homeward run. The October to March sunset cruise runs from 16:30 to 18:30, while April to September departures leave at 17:00 and return at 19:00. Tanva also offers daytime sightseeing cruises.

L’Horizon Private Charters

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Want to water ski through the jungle? Drop anchor and laze the day away fishing? Or, simply cruise to discover the people and places of historic Luang Prabang? For those wishing to explore Luang Prabang and its outlying sites and attractions, L’Horizon Private Charters offers a chance to do it your own way. Sleek, fast and comfortable, your own private boat will whisk you along the Mekong River to discover Laos in style on a fully customised full and half-day charters.

Shompoo Cruise

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Cruise the Mekong in comfort on Shompoo. With 10 years’ experience in navigating the 2-day cruise between Luang Prabang and Houay Xay at the Thai border, Shompoo knows what passengers want and deliver. The spacious vessel’s rosewood-and-teak deck holds 10 tables with 40 seats. A bar and lounge occupy the back, and a sundeck sits on the bow. Shompoo’s English-speaking guide takes you to Whiskey Village and Pak Ou Caves, with hundreds of ancient Buddha statues. You’ll also visit villages, which Shompoo supports with school supplies. On-board lunches present authentic Lao cuisine, and Shompoo offers a range of accommodation options for the Pakbeng stay.

Mekong Kingdoms

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Embark on a journey of dreams and discovery on Southeast Asia's most beguiling waterway. Mekong Kingdoms is pioneering a stylish new way of exploring the Mekong: modern boats, bespoke interiors, interesting itineraries and a playful, artistic spirit. The five-vessel fleet includes the 2-cabin Gypsy for luxurious wilderness escapes, and the 13-cabin Bohème for the ultimate in cruising. Experience the Mekong’s sights and sounds and Luang Prabang's cultural sites from Play’s suspended lounge and well-stocked bar. Or, board the Nomad for a real feel of the Mekong, with a butler, champagne, and sunset views. Experience the spectacular, mysterious heart of Asia with Mekong Kingdoms.