Passa Paa Adds Activities to Its Hmong Textile Studio

Passa Paa Boutique & Textile Studio in Luang Prabang recently added tourism activities to its collection that merges traditional Hmong motifs and methods with modern needs.

Dressing Up in Traditional Hmong Attire 

New for this year are print and star-making classes and a free studio tour. Passa Paa also invites visitors to dress up in Hmong clothes for a photograph.

Star Making Class

During the artisan tour, the studio’s Hmong team describes the artisan process, and Passa Paa co-founder Pok Xiong, an ethnic Hmong, explains her culture.
Visitors will meet the makers and learn about the colourful Hmong culture and its place in modern Lao society.

“Here you will find Hmong artisans colourfully embellishing silk screen printed cloths,” said Passa Paa co-founder Heather Smith. “Passa Paa has a modern, creative and fun approach to traditional cultural preservation. Come visit our studio to learn more.”

She added that the new “dress up” activity is a fun opportunity to try on traditional clothing and take pictures. 
“We have hats and skirts, jackets and belts,” said Ms Smith. “It’s a great way to spend 10 or more minutes.”

She noted that Hmong textile design consists of batik and indigo, and showcases exemplary needle skills, both applique and stitch.

Passa Paa’s Collection

“Our collection plays with the traditional motifs. Working with print and stitch in leather, cotton, silk and hemp,” she said. “The collection comprises tote bags, clutches, purses, cushion covers, tea towels, placemats, scarves, handkerchiefs, and leather bowls.”

Passa Paa Boutique & Textile Studio

Passa Paa is located in the heart of Luang Prabang’s Old Town on the Peninsula, and offers a perfect stop on a walking or city tour.

Visit Passa Paa 


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