Oudomxay Tells DPM of Need for Roads to Nature Sites

An Oudomxay government official recently reported to Deputy Prime Minister Dr Sonexay Siphandone and a committee that the province needs roads to a pair of high-potential nature sites: a 600-metre-high waterfall and forests with 1,500-year-old tea trees.  

According to a Vientiane Times report, he Oudomxay official pointed to the entrance road to Talae Waterfall, the tallest in northern Laos. The official said the road is steep and often impassable during the Green Season.

The same official pointed to the need for a road to the forests of ancient tea trees that are attracting interest from tourists. The tea trees are between 1000-1500-years-old, and a road could attract more visitors and investors to the site.

Others told the committee of damaged access roads to a cave in Bualapha District in Khammouane Province. In Attapeu Province, development plans for Route 18A near Xaypha and Xayponglay waterfalls have yet to come to fruition.

Dr Sonexay concluded the committee meeting by stating the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism must work in cooperation with Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Ministry of Planning and Investment for consultation on natural tourist site development in underdeveloped rural areas.

Source: Vientiane Times, Siladda Souliyong

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