Off the Beaten Track with Ock Pop Tok

“Ever wondered what it is like, travelling off the beaten track in Laos looking for the most beautiful textiles? Our Village Weavers Project often takes us to isolated villages. Tag along as we travel from Luang Prabang to Bam Puim in the Houaphanh Province?” writes Valerie Olla.

Ock Pop Tok BlogPhoto: Ock Pop Tok

“Mountains on the left, mountains on the right, unending green fertile mountains…The same mountains that greeted me on the plane as we neared Laos a couple of years ago when I visited the country as a tourist. The same mountains that wooed me back to Laos a year later for work.

“Subtly, I like to think, I had been dropping hints for weeks that I wanted to join the team on this trip* up North, this trip to Houaphan, where the Village Weavers Project started nearly 20 years ago.”

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