Ock Pop Tok Empowers Lao Teen Girls


Women’s empowerment is a core value of Ock Pop Tok, and this year, the “Queens of Crafts” chose to partner with Lao Solidarity and their Lao Teen Girls Project.

The Lao Teen Girls Project strives to teach young women in rural areas how to manage menstruation at school, at home, or while working in the fields.

The Laos Solidarity outreach programme has a team of peer educators who go out to rural villages during the school year and the dry season. They deliver supplies and conduct workshops to educate the teachers and girls. Their goal is to help them understand that menstruation is normal, and they learn to manage it without letting it keep them from their normal activities.

During these education missions, Laos Solidarity conducts workshops to build capacity in communities through education, community support and involvement. They also give each girl a hygiene kit.

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