“Mega’s” Thakhek Motorbike Loop Guide: Update 2020


“Mega” Mark Jones takes a backwards view of Laos’ most popular circuit in his updated guide, “The Thakhek Motorbike Loop Trip”. Mega ventures clockwise from the provincial capital on a 4-plus day journey into the Loop’s caves, swimming holes, viewpoints and hiking trails.

The guide presents easy-to-follow directions with suggestions for accommodation, dining, and motorbike rental shops, all with links. The photo-filled guide presents Mega’s 2020 view of The Loop, luring you to sites few have experienced.

The Thakhek Motorbike Loop Trip: Update 2020

By Mega

The Thakhek Loop is an off the beaten track travel experience and is gaining popularity as one of the best motorbike touring trips in S.E. Asia. As of 2016, all roads on route # 1E are tarmac. It is now possible to comfortably do the trip during the wet (monsoon) season. Having recently completed it in both seasons, it’s my opinion the wet season is actually the best time to do the loop due to the amazingly scenic rice fields along the karst corridor between Na Hin and Lak Sao.

The Thakhek Loop Rock View

The full distance, including a side trip to Kong Lor Cave, is 442 km. With that in mind I would recommend four days to complete the trip to enable a more satisfying, unhurried sightseeing experience. If you have more time, all well and good.

Going against the grain, I would say the preferred direction for doing the Thakhek Loop is clockwise. Let me explain: the stretch of road (Cave Alley) is directly north of Thakhek is route # 13. (On the other hand) it is a 100 km ride on route #13 to the turn onto route # 8 to go east to Na Hin Village, and further to Kong Lor. This stretch of road is flat and rather boring.

The Thakhek Loop Rock View

My point is that it’s a much better option to do this long, boring stretch of road (Thakhek to Vieng Kham) at the beginning of your trip (when you are still relatively fresh and alert).

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