“Mega’s” Bolaven Motorbike Loop Guide: Update 2020


After a recent tour, intrepid Asia blogger Mark “Mega” Jones has updated “The Bolaven Plateau Motorbike Loop Trip” to guide independent travellers and groups deeper into the rarely explored circuit.

Bolaven Plateau Loop

Mega sets out two easy-to-follow motorbike loops for the adventurous seeking to really dig in to the plateau’s nature and its countless waterfalls. Mega gives great directions, details, advice, links, and straight-up descriptions on the sites and accommodation hidden along the way.

The Bolaven Plateau Motorbike Loop Trip: Update 2020

By Mega  

Over recent years the Bolaven Plateau has become increasingly popular as an adventure destination for the independent traveller wanting to get off the beaten track of mainstream tourism and experience the beauty of the diverse terrain of the plateau – waterfalls and jungle being the primary sightseeing attractions.

Bolaven Plateau Loop

So much so that a tour or route, known as the “Bolaven Plateau Loop” has been developed by travel agencies in Pakse for travellers wanting to experience the beauty of the Bolaven Plateau, while touring on a motorbike.

Bolaven Plateau Loop

For those willing to commit to the 3-5 days required to complete either of the two loops, you will be well rewarded for your efforts. The plateau, as yet, has not been developed for mainstream tourism, and as such still has a feeling of getting off the beaten track.

Bolaven Plateau Loop

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